Phobos Academy

Episode 1

A Shortage of...Everything, Really.

Ship’s Log: Courtney (AdamBuild337 AI seed, revision 2214983) recording. April 19, 2227.

Well, it’s finally happening: we’re on our way to the rest of the system, whatever challenges may await us. I suppose I may as well start the log at the beginning.

Camille (breaking and entering specialist), Jinx vch Llawenydd (infiltration specialist), and Sumeria (security officer) were summoned to a meeting of the Council of the Academy. They were told that the Academy was starting to run low on materials, in particular water, hydrocarbons to use in the fabricators, and helium-3 to fuel the city’s fusion reactor. All expressed dismay at the prospect of the city starving, while Camille asked exactly why they were summoned to be told this. In answer, they were told that the city had just received three troubling transmissions from various places in the system: one from a Guardian fork which was apparently on Mercury, one from a Liberator fork on Earth, and one from a surviving human colony orbiting Saturn.

When vch Llawenydd asked how they were to go about securing resources for the colony to continue functioning, Courtney (pilot and sigint specialist) manifested on the meeting room’s holoprojector and said that he had volunteered the use of the ship he was built into, the PSV Hudson, which had been in drydock ever since the Academy closed its doors to the solar system.

When Camille protested that she was inappropriate to the mission, the council stated that they had no idea what might be out there in the wake of the Guardian-Liberator war, and that a team with the broadest possible skillset had the greatest chance of success. When vch Llawenydd asked what the rewards for completing the mission were, the council offered them one month of Class A priority on the public replicators for every ton of material brought back, as well as access to all blueprints (short of WMDs) on the station’s network.

As Sumeria and vch Llawenydd got their gear stowed away, Camille and Courtney decided on a course to the comet 67P to hijack it and send it toward Mars to mine for water.

Personal note: While the circumstances aren’t what I would imagine they’d be, I am very excited to get underway. While I did enjoy my time as bioethics professor for the Academy, I am quite happy to exercise the Hudson’s thrusters for the first time since it was built.



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